I got a Job Job!

After a lot of soul searching and simultaneous assaults of doubt and confidence, I received a job offer today that I accepted.  It is with a wonderful organization doing what I love: fundraising and communications. I would not have learned of the opportunity had it not been for a dear friend sending it my way.  … More I got a Job Job!

Get What You Need

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  I have been busy with holiday preparations, job searching, furniture selling and deep thinking (the kind that results in emotional relief and upset.)  It feels like old patterns are being broken, but I have yet to see actual proof that this is occurring.  At the same time, I … More Get What You Need


When I reflect on the past, my biggest regret is always that I didn’t enjoy life more.  Instead, I focused on the wrong things: acceptance from people who weren’t worth my time, and paths I tried to keep going down despite repeated evidence their unavailability is beyond my control and probably not in my best … More Truth

Make a Wish

Yesterday, I turned 42.  I got plenty of happy birthdays on Facebook.  My husband sent flowers to the house.  I bought myself two sweaters, and I went to see a movie, The Intern.  I found myself uplifted by De Niro’s character, a retired and widowed man who reinvents himself as a senior intern at a … More Make a Wish


I am a selfish person.  I am also an honest person.  Today, I showed both qualities in my post, and in an e-mail to R.  In the post, I mentioned our circular conversation, and mutually feeling unsettled because we could not find a way to the harmony that usually flows easily between us.  Well, that’s … More Harmony

The Wheel

I am having a moment of intense grief, the kind where your heart aches and your whole body feels heavy with sadness.  I guess this grief is always there as I am not great at expressing emotion at the appropriate times.  Instead, I tend to pretend the loss is not impacting me.   It is only … More The Wheel

What is Normal?

Taking a break from postpartum depression series, I need a pulse check post (sort of a confession, where I air feelings and small details of life.) I am looking for work, a slow and painful process.  I have never gotten jobs easily…does anyone?  Self doubt, impatience and need to be successful without time and work … More What is Normal?